AOLOVER is a specialized manufacturer of sexy lingerie in China. Lingerie Wholesale and OEM are welcomed!

About Us

    Guangzhou AOLOVER Underwear Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, is dedicated AOS Group brands in China operating subsidiaries. Founded in 2008 AOLOVER underwear is AOS's R & D, manufacturing and marketing as one of the lingerie brand, products include bras, underwear, home wear, thermal underwear, hosiery camisole and so on.

    AOLOVER underwear manufacturing plant not only has the traditional basic production equipment, also has from Taiwan, Germany, Italy, and imported world-class advanced production equipment and testing instruments, and attracted a large number of professional technical and management personnel, the establishment of a sound quality management system in South China's largest and most professional manufacturer of underwear.

    Over the years, we always uphold the "responsibility and healthy peers, beauty and fashion co-exist," the purpose, to take up "for women to create a new generation of health underwear" mission, continue to innovate and go beyond, as the domestic underwear market with a number of set "comfortable and healthy fashion and elegant" in one's underwear products.

    Looking ahead, AOLOVER will continue to "care for women concerned about health" concept, and constantly introduce new products and improve competitiveness of the brand for women around the world to bring more high-quality and elegant taste of both the health of underwear, so many Korean women wear underwear Keli'er another interpretation of a beautiful dream of a healthy fashion, so that the "love of beauty, love fashion, but also love healthy" has become a kind of enjoyment of life attitude, a pet in their own way, a magnificent underwear culture!